Town shows it’s still number 1

Riverside Festival 2011.  The knitted Captain was found hiding in a tree on a  parade float  (G110611-1e)
Riverside Festival 2011. The knitted Captain was found hiding in a tree on a parade float (G110611-1e)

ANYWHERE else in the UK neon clad folk ditching eight bags of yellow waste into a river would be cause for concern.

But 10 years on it’s all part of the fun at Gainsborough Riverside Festival as duck race enthusiasts line up to watch their rubber representatives tumble into the tide and hopefully be swept to victory.

Now not that I am one to criticise but to be a truly fair race shouldn’t all the ducks be released at exactly the same moment?

Perhaps next year 100 impartial volunteers could release them simultaneously by hand?

Just a suggestion to the organisers.

For those interested in the real action of course my knitted counterpart was also on display stealing the show atop a float in the parade, pictured right.

There’s even photographic evidence of him tucked into our former mayor Tim Davies’ trousers.

Somewhere I never thought I’d end up.

In fact I’ve heard tale of a number of places the little chap was stuffed this weekend.

It sounds like my counterpart had more fun at the fair than me.

Now although I wasn’t too keen on the festival last year I came to the conclusion if you can’t beat them join them and I did take the opportunity to wonder amongst the crowds this year.

And to be fair to our little town we do put on a good show.

Gainsborough comes underfire in my letter locker this week, and for a change it’s not me having a pop.

But it’s events like this weekend’s festival that make me proper proud to be moored here.

That said a whole day of it was still too long for me.

I ducked into the pub at the first available opportunity and went back to my boat in time for the fireworks finale.

Hats off to the organisers this year I am sure the festival is getting bigger with more stuff on the agenda.

Either that or I am getting smaller, something I am told does occur with age.

But please now that we’ve had the belated Christmas dos held up by ‘adverse weather conditions’, Easter, harvest festivals, Royal weddings, Maypole dancing and all that street closing chaos guff can we please just pack up the bunting and see the rest of 2011 out in peace?