Top teens conquer fears to help Isle Rescue

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Two teenagers set their sights on helping homeless dogs and cats - by conquering a 1000m climb.

Harry Craven of Graizelound did the climb with his friend Rowan Hartley, in aid of the Isle Animal Rescue and cancer research.

The 14-year olds hoped to make a decent sum by their sponsored effort but were thrilled when proceeds topped £750.

Harry said: “We did the climb at Awesome Walls, Sheffield, who gave us free entry and gear hire. The climb took us eight and a half hours to complete and left us totally exhausted and in agony for the next three days.

“I can definitely say we are amazed with the results.”

The lads said they chose to do the climb as both are avid climbers with a fair amount of experience.

“The reason we chose to do it is because they are both amazing causes and we wanted to help them in any way possible,” added Harry.