Top 10 Notts baby names

Gainsborough news
Gainsborough news

The top ten most popular names for babies registered in Notts in 2012 have been revealed.

The top tot names are in line with the top ten names nationally for 2012.

The boys’ top ten is as follows: 1. Ollie/Oliver, 2. Harry, 3. Alfie, 4. Ethan and Jack, 5. James, 6. Archie, 7. Oscar, 8. Jenson, 9. William, 10. Henry.

Meanwhile The girls’ top ten is as follows: 1. Mia, 2. Ellie, 3. Eve, 4. Amelia 5. Lola, 6. Jessica, 7. Charlotte, 8. Isabella, 9. Olivia, 10. Scarlett/Sophia.

Community Safety Committee Coun chairman Mick Murphy said: “This latest national urvey of top baby names shows local trends for Nottinghamshire are broadly in line with the UK picture.”