THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Peace is not the default setting on planet Earth

Will there ever be peace on Earth?
Will there ever be peace on Earth?

I have been asked why I never say much about Islam, and my answer has always been that I know so little about it that it seems ill advised to discuss it.

It does seem that the majority of those who follow the Muslim faith within the UK, and around the world, do so peacefully.

Recent events in Tunisia and France do however show us that religion can be perverted and used as an excuse for terror and murder.

It’s hard to combat religious fundamentalism in any form and all recent efforts have obviously failed to a degree.

The ongoing campaign by Islamic State to spread a message of hatred seems to creep ever nearer to our own shores and of course some British citizens have actually left these shores to join the fight abroad. It’s baffling to me that you would give up so much freedom and be willing to fight and die for some promise of an eternal afterlife.

It would seem these people place greater value on life after death at the expense of those who quite like the idea of living a life before death, religious or not. But how do we fight this?

We invade countries and change governments and the terrorism continues.

We killed Osama Bin Laden plus less well know terrorist leaders but others pop up to replace them and the terrorism continues.

The truth is that we cannot kill an idea…there will be more terrorism.

It would seem that peace is not the default setting for Planet Earth.

Misguided, mislead and angry people will continue their fight to prove that their religious ideas should have greater legitimacy than those of others, the majority of whom just want to live their lives peacefully.


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