This Gainsborough restaurant is serving up deep-fried chocolate orange to customers

You can deep fry pretty much anything these days, however one Gainsborough restaurant is taking the battered concept to a whole new level.

Adam’s Bay Take Away, Restaurant, Bar and Grill, on Bridge Road, has gained popularity over the last year for its interesting and unique concept of deep-fried desserts.

Helena Papadamou tucks in to the tasty treat.

Helena Papadamou tucks in to the tasty treat.

Most recently the business deep-fried a Cadbury’s Creme Egg at Easter and this Christmas it put forward to its customers a whole new idea - a deep-fried chocolate orange.

The company has started selling the delicious desserts from this week and so far the concept has “gone down a storm” with customers.

Helena Papadamou, 37, who owns the business with her husband Andrew, said: “This is a new idea and I don’t think anyone has done it before.

“It is quite sickly and to be honest I couldn’t finish one myself - it is definitely a sharing job.

Have you fried it yet?

Have you fried it yet?

“After the popularity of the Creme Egg we put a poll to our customers on Facebook asking what they wanted us to deep fry for Christmas, and the chocolate orange came out as an overwhelming favourite.

“It has been received a bit like Marmite on the comments section, however I am sure if people are brave enough to give it a go they will enjoy what they get.

“We wanted it to coincide with our Christmas menu which also features deep-fried pigs in blankets - we have gone the ‘whole hog’ this year.”

The deep-fried chocolate orange can be bought for £4 in the takeaway section or £5.50 as a dessert, and features an entire battered chocolate orange.

Vicky Gardener and Jade Hearn with a serving of battered chocolate orange at Adam's Bay in Gainsborough.

Vicky Gardener and Jade Hearn with a serving of battered chocolate orange at Adam's Bay in Gainsborough.

Adam’s Bay’s Christmas specials

The deep-fried chocolate orange is not the only feature on the menu for this year’s Christmas season, with Helena and 
Andrew offering a wide range of festive-themed foods. 
Back by popular demand are the deep-fried jumbo pigs in blankets, as well as other additions such as battered mince pies, Christmas puddings and halloumi fries.

The restaurant will also be holding a Christmas concert every Saturday evening during December where customers can sing-along to Christmas classics and enjoy the festive menu.

It is all part of Helena and Andrew’s drive to “do something new and keep the restaurant fresh” for its customers.