The tuk stopped

dear Captain,

About six months ago I called at WLDC, to enquire about obtaining a licence for a tuk tuk, (a three wheeled scooter based taxi 399cc diesel almost zero emissions).

Eventually I got to speak to someone who I told that one was coming up at auction soon and could he give me an answer.

“No it needs to go before a committee to discuss legislation.”- I was told. Blah, blah, blah, so don’t buy it.

Anyway, I called in this week to ask what was happening, nothing, all he had done in almost six months was speak to some copper about it then did nothing because he had not heard from me. He said he tried calling me, but I had no such call. This town needs new ideas, enterprise, job creation, this idea ticked all those boxes, a shiny tuk tuk in Marshall’s Yard, giving a local person a job, taxiing people in and around town, great, almost an attraction by itself.

But oh no, good old WLDC will put a stop to that by doing sod all.

Incompetence at its best.


P Ferry

Well I am disappointed by your plight, to say the least. Let’s hope it’s one office monkey who’s made an error and that hopefully the matter will be sorted out shortly.

It sounds like you were born to ferry people about Gainsborough, and there’s plenty of lazy shoppers around here who would rather get a lift from you than walk themselves.