The spicy taste of Latino adventure

Tequila's Restaurant and Bar, Lincoln G110621-3a
Tequila's Restaurant and Bar, Lincoln G110621-3a

SUMMER is scorching on, and we’re all craving the chance to get away to sun, sea and sand at any opportunity.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel too far to experience a taste of the exotic.

Just a short drive down the road in Lincoln lies Tequila’s Bar and Restaurant – masters of authentic Mexican cuisine.

It’s really no surprise that Tequila’s is known as Lincoln’s alleyway to Mexico.

As you walk in to the restaurant, you’re immediately transported to a world of salsa, siestas and soul.

Drinking in the vibrant but welcoming atmosphere, you’ll find the ambience of Tequila’s to be as intoxicating as its name suggests.

With its friendly and warm setting, this is the perfect venue for both lively group nights and those more intimate occasions.

For a starter, my friends and I shared the mozzarella fingers. Piping hot, deep-fried, coated in bread crumbs and served with a mango salsa, they made for a truly mouth-watering appetizer and were let down only by the measly portion size.

However, that was more than compensated for by the enormity of the main course.

For just under £10, my friend battled with chimichangas: a large flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, onion and chilli con carne, topped with Sour Cream and Guacamole, and served with refried beans and rice. Fighting his way through this mountain of Mexican delight, he certainly seemed more than satisfied.

The rest of us went for beef enchiladas, and were dazzled not only by the amount of food provided, but the amount of care that had clearly gone into its preparation and by the number of taste-buds it tingled.

With a range of spices and freshly-sourced ingredients, my main was a true festival of flavour and certainly had a powerful kick that I won’t forget any time soon.

I also highly recommend sharing a stack of onion rings and dips. Towering high in the sky, we struggled to finish it between four of us - but certainly enjoyed trying.

To finish the night off in true Mexican style, we thought it would be quite fitting to get into the spirit by ending with a round of tequilas.

As the sharp taste kicked in and the after-taste lingered on, we all felt certain that we’d happily return for another Latino adventure.

Sadly, Gainsborough is lacking in a restaurant of this style and calibre. Luckily, with Tequila’s just a short drive away, the sun on the horizon never seemed closer.

By Andrew Trendell

Star Rating HHHH