The heavenly taste of local greatness

White Swan Inn, Scotter. G101008-2
White Swan Inn, Scotter. G101008-2
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EATING out should be much more than just paying for a plate of food – it should be an escape from the day-to-day grind.

I gave myself an hour off from my hectic schedule, and as I rolled through the picturesque Lincolnshire countryside with the wind whistling and the crisp winter sunshine beaming down, I felt certain that this is God’s country.

Then, as if I needed convincing any more, I found myself at The White Swan Inn in Scotter. Nestling comfortably in this quaint and sleepy village, The White Swan is a perfect example of a traditional British pub.

Built into a charming country cottage setting with a hotel, I would challenge you to find a better place to retreat to.

Settling into my charming surroundings beside a crackling fire and oak furnishings, it felt like the world was slipping away.

Looking around the room, my eye fell upon the special offers board. At selected times they offer an impressive two for £12 deal on a delectable array of mains including steak and ale pie, beef cobbler, lasagne, gammon steak or six oz haddock.

As tempting and wallet-pleasing as all of those sounded, my taste buds were caught up in the battle of choosing between the Cajun chicken and the Mexican steak.

I was swiftly and pleasantly served by the attentive and polite staff, who provided fantastic service throughout my meal. At that point, I took the plunge and went for the Mexican steak, if only to silence the voices in my head imagining what it could possibly be.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It was an eight oz rump steak topped with mixed pepper and chilli salsa, topped with mozarella cheese and served with vegatables and new potatoes.

How was it? One word: wow.

I like my steak done medium rare, which I find is often hard for many pubs to get just right, but the clearly very skilled chef pulled it off to perfection.

The steak was a fantastic cut of meat in itself, but the Mexican twist on an old classic was a stroke of genius. I can only describe it as a festival of flavour. The vegetables being tasty and piping hot simply added up to a pretty flawless meal.

I eyed up the dessert menu for quite a while too, as I considered the cool mint fling, a selection of Blyton ice cream, mango and coconut brulee and the almost irrestible warm chocolate cookie cup, but I was already satisfied.

So if you want to eat out and eat well, you need to get away. You need to get yourself out to the White Swan Inn at Scotter.

By Andrew Trendell