The future looks brighter

Coun Lesley Rollings
Coun Lesley Rollings

This Saturday, Gainsborough Town Council has arranged an open public meeting for members of the town to raise issues with Gainsborough Town Council.

This is your chance to come along, meet councillors and speak to us about the things that are important to you. An opportunity to put forward your ideas and make suggestions that will make our town better. You will also be able to meet the new Police Commissioner, Alan Hardwick, the Chairman of the Town Partnership, Lisa Whitelam and our new Town Clerk. I will be chairing the meeting and look forward to seeing you at the John Robinson Memorial Hall (opposite Horsley’s) at 11am. I have thoroughly enjoyed this last year as your Mayor. I have always tried to respond to all requests to support the various groups in the town. I have not attended civic events outside the town as the main focus of my work has been to lead the complete overhaul of the operation of the Town Council. I could not have done this without the support of West Lindsey District Council and the work of our Acting Clerk, Sue Harrison. Sue has brought a level of professionalism that has been refreshing and changed the working culture of the council. Although politics allowed us to make important changes to the balance of power on the council, the council now runs without reference to political allegiance and is consensual in its decision making with independent members working freely alongside members of political parties. This is, I believe, how the public would like it to be. This has not been contrived. No one told us to work in this way. The professionalism of Sue and hard work by councillors has generated a culture of mutual respect. We now have a council that is by no means perfect, but has all the building blocks in place to move forward to a better future.

Saturday’s Town Meeting is the first step towards an inclusive future, in which all sections of our community participate in making Gainsborough a great place in which to live, work and play.

Mayor Lesley Rollings

Chair of Gainsborough Town Council