The Captain: I wouldn’t get out of bed for Geocaching craze

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As a man of the ocean waves I’ve always been keen on tracking down some old pirate’s treasure.

While my boat isn’t exactly the Hispaniola I’d gladly follow Long John Silver to Treasure Island to grab my share of the booty.

Rich beyond my wildest dreams as I root through a treasure chest throwing gold coins in the air is a dream I’ve woken from a few times.

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum and all that...

So when I was recently made aware of a new treasure hunt craze that is sweeping the internet I was immediately all ears.

Sadly, I was soon left very disappointed and completely baffled.

The new craze is called ‘Geocaching’ and people use a GPS receiver to hide and seek containers anywhere in the world.

Apparently these containers have been left everywhere and there’s a veritable army of folk chasing round the countryside looking for them using their mobile phones.

So far so good - but what’s in the bloomin’ containers? That’s what matters in a treasure hunt isn’t it?

The answer is, unfortunately, not a lot. Apparently there’s usually just a few trinkets and a logbook to fill in.

That’s it. So why would anyone waste their time looking for them? All for no reward?

Even a sniffer dog would get a biscuit if it found a stash of ‘wacky baccy’ but these people are traipsing round the countryside for absolutely nowt.

Frankly, it’s bizarre behaviour, and we’re not just talking about kids. Yes grown men and women are spending their free time doing treasure hunts for no treasure. And it’s also been causing a fair bit of trouble round the country too.

In York some lunatics have been climbing drainpipes attached to historic buildings on the Shambles, because they think the ‘prize’ might be hidden on the roof. Buildings dating back to the 14th Century are being put at risk by these idiots.

But worst of all, in America (no surprise that it’s popular across the pond...) there have been occasions when the caches have been mistaken for suspicious packages and the bomb squad were called in.

Some people really do have way too much time on their hands.