‘That’s John Mann!’: MP breaks up bloody street brawl in Worksop town centre

The fight broke out on Queen Street, Worksop.
The fight broke out on Queen Street, Worksop.

Bassetlaw’s MP has been hailed a “hero” after breaking up a bloody street brawl between two scrapping women in Worksop town centre.

John Mann was walking along Queen Street yesterday (Wednesday, April 26) when he saw the two women fighting while a large crowd watched on.

The Labour MP said someone in the crowd shouted, “That’s John Mann” as he stepped in between the women and “separated boot from head.”

Mr Mann said: “I was on Queen Street when I saw the two women fighting.

“One was getting kicked in the head by the other, and there was plenty of blood.

“A crowd had gathered to watch.

“I broke up the fight and separated the two women.”

Mr Mann added that he phoned the police after dismantling the fight, but officers “failed to turn up” at the grisly scene.

Residents took to social media to praise John for his actions, with Peter Kedling hailing the MP as a “hero”.

Another Twitter user said the incident “reinforced the whole ‘Mann of the people’ mantra.”

Others made reference to the time Mr Mann famously chased former London mayor Ken Livingstone through the street, repeatedly calling him a “Nazi apologist”, after Mr Livingstone defended MP Naz Shah against accusations of antisemitism.