Tesco footpath is not going to close

Footpath from Carlton Road to Queensway, scene of a recent mugging
Footpath from Carlton Road to Queensway, scene of a recent mugging

A FOOTPATH which was earmarked for closure this week will remain open, after a bungled planning notice had to be reversed.

The path, which borders the southern end of the derelict Tesco site off Carlton Road in Worksop, has recently been revamped by the supermarket chain.

The route, leading from Queensway to Carlton Road, was resurfaced and had lights erected along its length back in November.

So it was much to local residents’ confusion that a planning notice appeared in two issues of the Worksop Guardian stating it was to close.

The notice, issued by Notts County Council at the request of the developer, listed the path alongside three others which are to close for six months from Thursday 10th January until 9th July 2013.

Tesco has planning permission to build a new superstore on the land, with work expected to start within the next few months.

The notice states that the paths need to be closed to protect the public while ground works are carried out in the area.

But disgruntled residents who were gearing up to launch a petition to keep access open, decided to challenge the county council order.And they discovered there had been a mistake.

“We were very upset to hear the path was going to close, as it would have cut a lot of people off from the train station and Carlton Road area of Worksop,” said South Parade resident David Moxon, 76.

“The newly resurfaced path is used by a lot of people, from school kids to people from all over Kilton.”

“Here on the estate people would have to walk all the way around onto Eastgate or Blyth Road if the path was closed. It would effectively cut people off.”

Mr Moxon and several of his neighbours on the estate said they were prepared to launch a petition to try and reverse the closure.

But they soon found there would ne no need for such drastic action.

Robert Franklin, from highway consultants Transport Planning Associates, requested the order on behalf of Tesco, but said there had been a ‘slight confusion’.

“The southern footpath will not be closed nor stopped up at any time and shall remain open to local residents and the public,” he said.

Notts County Council bosses confirmed they were aware of the mistake and had put clear maps up around the site detailing the correct closures.

Mr Moxon and several other residents said they were pleased the situation had been cleared up and access would be maintained.