Tattoo shop owner says job ad in which applicants should be ‘easy on the eye’ was a joke

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A Mansfield tattoo shop owner says a job advert he put online in which he wanted applicants who are ‘easy on the eye’ was simply a publicity stunt.

The advert, which appeared on Facebook on Sunday for a part-time receptionist at The Monster Shop on Leeming Street, also said “no slackers”, “no weirdos or goths” and that the job was cash in hand, adding “if you want to declare this and pay your taxes it is up to you”.

The owner of the tattoo shop also admitted he was a “b*****d” to work for.

It states that applicants must work hard, be on time and be able to use their own initiative.

The ‘advert’ has attracted thousands of people to the shop’s Facebook page, with more than 140 leaving comments.

Many described it as the best job advert they had ever seen, while others said they had hoped it was a joke.

The Chad contacted the shop and spoke to proprietor Paul Green who confirmed it was not serious, and that it was said with a pierced tongue firmly in cheek.

He said: “It’s just a joke, we’ve done it before and our ‘likes’ have gone up by 500 or 600.

“We’ve got more than 10,000 ‘likes’ - we do this now and again to get more people - there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Despite saying he was not being serious, a further post was added to the shop’s Facebook page after he spoke to the Chad, apologising if the advert had upset anyone.

It read: “No offence was meant. We do not condone biting bats heads off or drinking blood.”

There have been no shortage of people on Facebook inquiring about a job.