Syringe found in the street across road from a nursery

Trinity Street, Gainsborough
Trinity Street, Gainsborough

A Gainsborough resident was left shocked after finding a used syringe discarded in the street across the road from a nursery.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said parents needed to be made aware so they could keep their children safe after finding the needle on Trinity Street.

“It’s a very dangerous thing to find just lying around in the street so close to a nursery,” she said.

“It was just lucky that it was me and my neighbour that came across it and not a small child. My neighbour picked it up and got rid of it.”

“Young children don’t know that something like that is dangerous and could just pick it up and end up getting hurt,” she added.

And she said that this wasn’t the first time such a discovery had been made in the area.

“I found more on the other side of the road about a month ago, it happens quite a lot in some areas of the town,” she said.

“The people using them need to be more considerate with how they dispose of such things. It’s just not fair on other people.”

“People need to be aware to keep an eye out for this sort of thing to prevent an accident happening.”

A spokesman for West Lindsey District Council said that anyone who finds a syringe or other hazardous item should call the council immediately so that it can be safely removed.

She continued: “We would advise anyone who finds a syringe or other potentially harmful item in a public area not to touch it and to call the council on 01427 676676 to report it.”

“We ask people to give as many details as they can pinpointing the exact location, and to provide a contact number in case we need any more information.”

“This will help us to ensure the item is collected as quickly as possible,” she added.