Survival tips for students at Doncaster prizegiving event

Victor Fellowes of Thorne at Trinity Academy
Victor Fellowes of Thorne at Trinity Academy

Survivor dad Victor Fellowes, who starred in Bear Grylls’ television series ‘The Island’ recently, addressed award-winning students at Doncaster Trinity Academy’s annual prize-giving.

Mr Fellowes’ experience on the island fitted with the academy’s prize-giving themes of endeavour, integrity and achievement.

The speaker’s twin sons James and Victor are students at the Thorne Academy, and he recounted how he and 27 other castaways survived for six weeks on an island in Panama with just basic tools and two days’ training.

The Outstanding Student of the Year Award was shared between Shannon Horner, for academic achievement and the ‘unfaltering commitment’ that led to her winning a place at Cambridge University, and to Taylor Cairns, for compassion and support for others. Of Taylor, academy principal David Page said: “Whoever she meets in life she will leave them happier for having met her.”

The prize-giving was hosted by head boy and girl Adam Osborne and Jessica Harvey. There were scenes from academy productions Animal Farm and Back to the 80s, plus performances by vocalists Blaize Howarth and Rebecca Leng. The academy’s rugby squad performed songs and the All Blacks’s famous haka.

Major award winners were: Sportswoman of the Year: Kika-j Oliver, Sportsman of the Year; Ryan Pentland, The Special Lecture Award: Amy Butler, The Academy Drama Bowl: Robin Coe, Mazi Fitzpatrick, Dale Smith, The Chairman’s Award for Musician of the Year: Daniel Sweed, Alumni Award for Contribution to Academy and Local Community: Rebecca Leng, Megan Hennessey, Hennessey Prize for Art: Katy Leech, Student Courage Award: Ryan Amesbury, House Awards: Amy Barker, Abigail Ball, Kloise Walker, The King’s Academy Short Story Award: Sarah Roe.