Supporting the success of Sarah’s Law

Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.
Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.

I hope you all had a lovely long Easter weekend. I, for one, can’t say I did too well in resisting the chocolate eggs.

That, along with the recent appearance of the sunshine, will see me dust off my bike. I imagine I won’t be the only one.

Please be safety-conscious on the roads, whether you are running, walking or riding. Be seen. Walk or run in the direction of oncoming traffic so you can see what’s coming and stick to the pavements where possible. When on your bikes, always wear a helmet and high-visibility gear, and use the appropriate signals for turning and making other manoeuvres.

Motorists should be mindful of more people on the roads. Drive to the conditions of the roads.

Staying with the subject of safety, I’d like to acknowledge the successful use of Sarah’s Law, which has reached its second year in operation in Notts this week.

The scheme allows parents and carers to find out if someone with access to their child is a sex offender.

Over the last year there were 35 applications made by people. Of those, seven disclosures were made. Of these 35 applications, five were from people in Bassetlaw. One was considered to be justified and a disclosure of a person’s criminal history was made to a West Bassetlaw applicant. I hope this parent or carer has been able to take positive action to protect their child with the information they received. As a police officer and a father I fully support Sarah’s Law.