Sturton-by-Stow: Police stop illegal rave

Sturton by Stow G131203-1d
Sturton by Stow G131203-1d

Over 400 revellers heading to an illegal rave at Sturton-by-Stow were turned away by Lincolnshire Police on Saturday night.

Cars were seized and two men were arrested - one on suspicion of drink driving and one for possession of an offensive weapon and controlled drugs.

Police prevented people from entering the event, due to be held in what they described as ‘dilapidated farm buildings’ on private land.

Officers said the premises were not licensed and the building did not have the required fire safety measures or medical facilities, and presented a ‘significant risk’ to those attending.

Superintendent Phil Vickers, from Lincolnshire Police, said that a combination of risk to attendees and impact on rural communities meant they had to act.

“As we warned, every power available to us in law was used and we worked with partners at West Lindsey District Council to ensure the safety of those intending to access the site and enforce noise nuisance legislation,” he said.

“In advance, we told people not to waste their time and money because they would be turned away and that is exactly what happened.”

“We had engaged with the organisers in advance, hoping that they would prevent people from wasting their journey, but they declined to do this.”

“Our clear message to organisers of any similar events in the future is that this is the policing response they can expect to be greeted with.”

“Unlicensed music events and raves that present a risk to those attending, as well as significant disruption to rural communities will be policed robustly in Lincolnshire,” he added.

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