Students attend Global Student Forum

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Guardian News

STUDENTS from Tuxford Academy’s Post 16 attended the Global Student Forum held in Westminster to find out about maternal mortality in the third world.

During the conference, white ribbons were placed on the figure of a young pregnant woman – each one representing another woman dying in childbirth throughout the world while the forum was taking place.

By the end of the event ribbons covered the figure like a funeral shroud, a spokesman for the school said.

“Nearly every minute, a woman dies due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth,” said pupil Lydia Gray, 17.

“We discovered that the vast majority of these deaths occur in the developing world. That cannot be right, especially as they could be prevented with basic care and help.”

The event was held in London over the summer.

Post 16 Strategy Leader Paul Simpson said: “Our students have already discussed creative ways to tell their peers about the things they’ve learned, and, because the message is coming from them, it is likely to hit home much harder.”