Students are celebrating great A level results at Queen Elizabeth’s High School

Students are celebrating their A Level results
Students are celebrating their A Level results

Students and staff were full of joy at Queen Elizabeth’s High School in Gainsborough after another bumper year of A-level results.

This year the school saw 40 per cent of students gain at least one A or A* grade, 20 per cent were graded A* or A, one in five gained two or more A grades and more than a third of students gained three or more B grades.

There were 32 students who gained an EPQ, which is a qualification valued by universities for identifying the top candidates and preparing

students for university life, with 66 per cent gaining an A or A* grade and 32 per cent gained an A*, just under 30 per cent gained ABB, the minimum set of grades required for almost all universities and 63 per cent of students who were eligible for Free School Meals gained three or more A* to C grades giving them access to a wide range of excellent post 18 opportunities.

Queen Elizabeth’s High School (QEHS) is proud of its students who have again excelled themselves in terms of their A Level results.

Many students have gained top grades and have secured courses at the best universities in the country. With one in every five students gaining two or more A grades and four out of 10 students gaining at least one A or A*, students at QEHS have given themselves the best possible start in their post 18 careers, be it at university or elsewhere.

Headteacher, David Allsop, said: “We are pleased to celebrate with our students, the excellent A Level results that they have achieved through their hard work and dedication.

“The staff at QEHS have again supported and guided students all the way through these difficult qualifications.

“Study at A Level has become much more rigorous this year with the curriculum and examination changes and despite this the students have excelled again.

“I am proud to lead such a dedicated group of staff and students. Of particular note are a number of students who have succeeded despite the most difficult circumstances and they should be applauded for their ability and willingness to persevere where others may have given up.

“QEHS is a local Grammar School and we are thrilled that two thirds of those students who are described as disadvantaged by the Government have gained grades which give them the widest possible choice of post 18 options including the best apprenticeships, employment opportunities and university courses.

“We are extremely pleased for those students who have gained places at the most prestigious universities and courses and we also celebrate with those students who have worked just as hard to gain places on courses which are recognized as being the best in their own chosen field such as agriculture and physiotherapy.

“I would like to wish all of our QEHS alumni the absolute best as they progress to the next stage in their learning and look forward to hearing about their future successes in years to come.”

Two students are heading to Cambridge. Sam Cooper will be studying Natural Sciences and Alexandra Oxford will study Modern and Medieval Languages.

Three students, Matthew Thomas, Billy Garland and Ali Rana, will be studying Medicine, Isabel Murch is going to Liverpool to study Veterinary Science and Jamie McIlroy and Isobel Tan are off to study Architecture at Nottingham and Bath.