STORM DORIS: Weather chaos -and the odd flying trampoline- in Worksop

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Storm Doris is making her presence known in Worksop- particularly for this Kilton resident who found a trampoline casually draped over her car.

Gale-force winds had lifted the trampoline- which has since been claimed- from a nearby garden and crashed it into resident Claire Stephen’s white car.

The vehicle has unfortunately sustained a few scratches as a result of the mishap, but Claire said: “I thought this would brighten peoples’ day at someone else’s misfortune.”

Other issues reported as a result of the storm, which has raged throughout the town all day, include power cuts and people being blown over.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for wind, ice and snow across The East Midlands and are advising residents to take care when outside.

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Stay safe out there!