Staying beautiful

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Beauty and makeup are not the monopoly of young age.

It is actually at 40 that the real need of makeup starts. The makeup for older women need not be more sophisticated and classy. It is because they have to be specific about the colors and texture of makeup they use.

The make up they wear also reflect about the society they belong to, so at this age more than looking beautiful, makeup becomes a way to flaunt the class and hide the ageing signs. The basic challenge in applying make up over an old lady is to cover her ageing marks and give her a graceful look.

The makeup of older women needs to be more graceful than that of young women; the use of colors should be done in a more classy way - there should be use of more pastel shades; excess glittery and skin showy clothes should be avoided; the combination of accessories with the dress should be very sophisticated and stylish; makeup should focus on hiding the ageing marks like wrinkles, blemishes and scars if any.

Remember - it’s not about looking younger; it is about looking beautiful at your own age.