Stay safe at Christmas

Jason Crofts and Jaime Shaw of the South-West Beat Team
Jason Crofts and Jaime Shaw of the South-West Beat Team

It’s the week before Christmas and while most of us are out and about spreading good will and cheer be wary of those who think nothing of dampening your festive spirit.

Don’t gift a thief your Christmas. It’s always nice to arrive home to a window of twinkling fairy lights on your Christmas tree, but think about who else might be appreciating the view.

A pile of wrapped presents under the tree is an inviting incentive for a criminal. They don’t care if the tag doesn’t have their name on it.

Put timers on your lamps so they come on, even if you are out. Install a burglar alarm and use it.

Close your curtains at night so people from the street can’t see inside.

Lock up and keep your keys and valuable items such as laptops and mobile phones in a safe place, away from doors and windows.

And don’t forget your shed and garages. Mark you property and record details on an online register such as

Look out for your neighbours. If you know someone is away over Christmas, keep an eye on their home.

Equally, if you are going away, make someone you trust aware of your absence and ask them to pop by every now and again to check everything remains secure.

Finally, we want you to have a good time over the next week or so, but be aware of the dangers of mixing alcohol with driving.

If you are getting behind the wheel this Christmas, be safe rather than sorry, and lay off the booze.

Remember, alcohol can affect everyone differently. Don’t assume you know how affected you are by it.

You can lose much more than that if you are involved in a collision.

And it’s not just your own life you are risking. Think of those in the car with you and those sharing the roads and pavements.

It’s not worth the risk. This month we have already arrested far too many people for drink driving. Do not become a statistic. Stick to soft drinks or get a taxi.