South Yorkshire: Fire chief welcomes smoke alarms law change


A new clause which would make it a legal requirement for landlords to fit smoke alarms has been welcomed by the South Yorkshire’s chief fire officer.

The Energy Act, which was given Royal Assent in December, includes an amendment which would make smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms a legal requirement in all privately rented homes.

The act gives powers to ensure the safety equipment is installed, but the Government is currently reviewing evidence, technical issues and related legislation before making a final decision on how to pursue the amendment.

South Yorkshire’s chief fire officer James Courtney, said: “We have reduced deaths and injuries from house fires considerably in South Yorkshire over the last decade, with community safety work and increased smoke alarm ownership the major factors behind that improvement.”

“Many of those most vulnerable to fire live in private, rented accommodation, so making it a legal requirement for all landlords to fit smoke alarms would improve the safety of thousands of families in South Yorkshire.”

“There is still work to do before this amendment is enforced, but the start of the review process is excellent news for all those dedicated to improving the safety of our communities.”

The Chief Fire Officer’s Association (CFOA) has been campaigning on this issue for more than two years, on behalf of fire and rescue services across the UK.

The closing date for responses to the Government’s review is 28th March.