South Yorks: Commissioner welcomes plans for improved service

Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright
Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright

Shaun Wright the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed new legislation that helps to improve the service received by victims of crime.

The Victim’s Code will enable victims to read out a personal statement in court that will be taken into account by judges, when sentencing offenders – this includes businesses that have been targeted by criminals.

Victims will also be able to request restorative justice and will be better informed about the outcomes and procedures relating to the crime they experienced.

“This is a positive move and will enhance the service that victims currently receive,” said Mr Wright.

“I am a staunch supporter of restorative justice when it is the right approach for a victim.”

“I have already put additional measures in place to make sure that we are more victim-focussed when it comes to dealing with crimes in South Yorkshire.”

“And I want victims here to know they can access support and help, as they need it.”

“I have worked closely with Victim Support and have funded additional resources, such as Victim Case Workers, who will work with vulnerable victims, helping them with practical and emotional support.”

Mr Wright also explained the pioneering scheme that he has introduced to help young victims of crime, in an initiative being delivered across the county by Victim Support.

“I am very pleased to have initiated the Young Witness Service in South Yorkshire, which will help support children and young people and their parents or carers before, during and after any trial, so that they can give the best evidence to the court and reduce any further trauma caused by their experience,” he continued.

“We will make sure that the public in South Yorkshire receive the best possible service, if they are ever unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime.”

Mr Wright is also asking for members of the publicfor their views on the service.

If you would like to contribute your feedback, got to the website at