Snow and ice weather warning for Yorkshire and the Humber


The Met Office has issued another weather warning for snow and ice over the next couple of days.

A spokesman said: “A deep depression passing close to the north of Scotland will pull cold air across the northern parts of the UK as it passes, allowing the frequent showers to fall as sleet or snow in many parts. 
“Near western coasts rain may predominate, although this increases the ice risk as road temperatures fall below zero. Hail and lightning are also likely to be hazards here.

“The colder air will extend further south during Tuesday with snow falling to progressively lower levels across northern England.

“On Tuesday night a more organised area of showery precipitation is likely to affect Scotland, which has the potential to produce several centimetres of snow at low levels, including the Central Belt, though details of this are rather uncertain at present. Ice is also likely to be a hazard again on Tuesday night.”