Simple pleasures for a great Sunday

Spindler's Rest, Hemswell Cliff G110322-4
Spindler's Rest, Hemswell Cliff G110322-4
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WE all love a good Sunday, especially when it’s done properly. But what makes for the perfect day of rest? What could be better than a stroll around a market, a cup of tea and a good home cooked meal? That ticks every box for me.

Strolling around the countless bustling stalls at Hemswell’s famous Sunday market, I found myself a little bit peckish and in need of warming up.

I stumbled into Spindler’s Rest – a simple and comfortable café-cum-restaurant.

The friendly local staff showed grace under pressure whilst rushed off their feet, and it’s clear to see why.

Spindler’s really offer something for everyone.

There’s a tuck shop to keep the kids quiet, and a wide range of hot, soft and alcoholic drinks.

For snacks and starters, they offer a variety of baguettes, sandwiches, burgers, scones, toasted tea cakes and I’m told they do a mean breakfast bap.

Diners around me were tucking into some highly-enticing, high value meals which looked pleasing on both the tastebuds and the wallet.

On a Sunday you can grab yourself deep fried scampi with chips and peas, homemade steak pie or a traditional roast with beef, turkey or half a roast chicken – all for under a fiver.

The surprising value continued when I eyed up the menu for children and pensioners which offers a variety of quick, easy but satisfying meals for just £3.50.

It became pretty obvious why Spindler’s was teaming with families and OAPs.

When I ordered chicken and leak soup with a roll, I must say that I expected something more than what seemed like weak cup-a-soup.

But my coffee was rich and carried the kick I needed to fuel my market-wandering, and the chunk of homemade coffee and hazelnut cake was delicious, filling and clearly made with love and attention. All of that for just over £4 can’t be bad.

Spindler’s is hardly five star, but it’s not bad at all for what it is – simple and honest food made by a local cafe in the heart of the community to help you watch lazy afternoons drift by.

So if you find yourself at a loose end on a Sunday and fancy stretching your legs at the market, or just find yourself hungry in Hemswell any day of the week then you might as well make your way to Spindler’s.

By Andrew Trendell