Simple, filling and so very satisfying

Crawshaw's Butchers, Market Place, Gainsborough. G110125-1
Crawshaw's Butchers, Market Place, Gainsborough. G110125-1

As January drags on and the new year starts to take its toll, like me, you probably can’t be bothered to cook or faff about.What you want is good, simple, fresh and filling food made by someone else who puts the effort in so you don’t have to.

On a dreary and seemingly endless Tuesday afternoon I fought my way through the bustling market crowds to make my way to Crawshaw’s Butchers in the Market Place.

I’d attempted to quench my chicken desire the day before, but to my utter distress I arrived too late in the afternoon to find they had been completely cleared out by hungry shoppers – and let me tell you, it’s no surprise.

I arrive on a typical market day to the familiar site of Crawshaw’s heaving with custom, which only acts as testament to the high quality produce and unbeatable value that they offer.

Despite the busy punters, the service at Crawshaw’s really couldn’t be better. With a smile and a welcome, each and every butcher is attentive, accomodating and clearly knows their stuff.

More than just your typical butchers, Crawshaw’s offer something for everyone, including the hungry worker on their lunch break.

Crawshaw’s offer a remarkable range of cheap and cheerful meal deals for less than £3, featuring chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken goujons, pork and stuffing sandwiches and all sorts of meaty treats and delights at their deli counter.

But I had my heart set on something bigger, something meatier to take home and savour.

I must now count myself among the hordes of Gainsborough carnivores who must confess that there are very few greater pleasures in life than tearing into a hot roast chicken from Crawshaw’s and absolutely destroying it until nothing but a bare skeleton remains.

Succulent, tasty and fresh, there was no doubt in my mind that was the highest quality meat, and at £2.99 each or two for £5, you’d struggle to find a hot and fresh full roast chicken with better value for money. Not only that, but there was a deceptively large amount of chicken on it. I’d even go as far to liken it to some kind of mysterious meat Tardis.

So if you’re hungry and your stomach is rumbling on a lunchtime, or if you’ve got a family of mouths to feed at home, don’t let the new year and the endless slog of January and February grind you down – head to Crawshaw’s for something fresh, filling, honest and local.

By Andrew Trendell

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