Sheridan now ‘fine’ following Twitter anguish

Award Ceremony Epworth. Lexys Legacy   Sheridan Smith
Award Ceremony Epworth. Lexys Legacy Sheridan Smith

Isle actress Sheridan Smith is ‘fine’ and ‘busy working’, after quitting a social media network due to attacks from internet trolls.

Abusive remarks, including some about her family, led the multiple award-winning star to close down her Twitter account after revealing that the internet onslaught had left her unable to sleep.

It is understood the ‘trolls’ had included disturbing messages about the loss of Sheridan’s eldest brother Julian, who died at the age of 18 due to cancer.

Sheridan’s mum Marilyn, from Epworth, said this week that the social media attacks were a ‘momentary thing’ that Sheridan has now left behind her, but she declined to comment further about the episode that sprang up after Sheridan defended presenter duo Ant and Dec online for their performance at the Brit Awards.

Praising her fans for the last time on twitter, she explained: ““I came on twitter to talk to fans, now I seem to just get abuse and made up stories. I’m sorry to u lovely supportive lot, u know who u are.”

She also said: “Just hate my family getting grief.”

Her brother Damian Dalton-Smith, who appeared on BBC show the Voice recently, encouraged her to ignore the trolls and concentrate instead on the massive fan following that she has acquired in recent years.