‘She was a great mother and wife’

“SHE was born to be a mother and her children meant everything to her” - a devoted Misterton husband pays tribute to his wife who passed away this month.

Rox Makings, 27, lost her battle with cancer on 4th June - just over eight months after she was diagnosed.

Husband Paul, 34, said she doted on their six children and was a fantastic, kind and caring wife.

“Rox was very dedicated to us and the children and everyone knew and loved her for that,” he said.

“Everyone was just amazed by how she coped with her illness - she never complained and was so brave.”

It was instant attraction for the couple when they met at a friend’s party in 2003, setting up home in Gainsborough a year later.

“Rox had fancied me for a long time before and I gave in,” he said.

“She was really lovely and we had loads in common, particularly rock and indie music, so we hit it off straightaway.”

Rox already had son PJ from a previous relationship and the couple had their first child Shannon in 2004, followed by Jake, Katy and Sophie, with Emily arriving last year.

Said Paul: “Rox loved our kids and was always firm but fair. Mums always used to ask her advice because that was the kind of person she was.”

Shortly after the couple moved back to their native Misterton in August year, Rox began to complain about back pain and was later diagnosed with malignant melanoma - the most aggressive form of cancer.

Despite several operations she began to go downhill in May this year and passed away in Bassetlaw Hospice on 4th June.

Said Paul: “We’d worked really hard to build our lives up over the years and moving back to Misterton was supposed to be a fresh start for us all.”

“I had to pack up my business to care for her - we lost everything”

But despite major setbacks, Paul said he has been ‘touched’ by the support received from family and friends.

“They paid for us to take the kids to Disneyland and for the honeymoon we never had in London. We had only been married just over a year,” he said.

“We will never forget Rox. I was a different person when I met her - she changed me from a boy to a man.”

He added: “She was just perfect in my eyes and wouldn’t hurt a fly. We are all going to miss her very much.”