Scotter given £130k to improve bridge

DELIGHTED Scotter residents have received £130,000 to improve flood defences in the village.

The money has come from the Environment Agency in a bid to improve defences on the River Eau and for residents after the floods of 2007.

However, £170,000 is still needed in order to carry out work on improving the floor resiliance of the A159 bridge.

Back in June 2007, heavy rainfall caused severe flooding where Gainsborough, Scotter and surrounding villages such as Walkeringham, Misterton, Beckingham and Saundby saw roads badly flooded.

In Scotter, a disabled man and his three relatives had to be evacuated from his home as rivers through the village burst their banks out onto roads.

Councillor Chris Underwood-Frost said that he would hate for history to repeat itself and welcomed the funding.

“It’s just great news and we’re so happy to receive it,” he said.

“The money will be used to put culverts in the A159 bridge to help with any adverse flow from the river, and our full project involves building a tunnel under the bridge which would significantly help prevent it overflowing.”

“Some people wanted a new bridge altogether, but that would cost nearly £1 million, and unfortunately in this economic climate that’s something we can’t achieve after the Comprehensive Spending Review.”

“However, this fantastic offer of £130,000 is a very welcome and large amount and I would like to thank and congratulate the Environment Agency and everyone involved.”

He continued: “We were flooded badly in 2007 and there have been a few close shaves since then so this will help the local people feel safer in their community away from flooding.”

“We were oringally offered £110,00 to protect around 26 properties in Scotter but we politely turned that down because we wanted to do a much larger flood resiliance project of improving the bridge, then the Environment Agency came back and offered us £130,000 towards it.”

“It’s taken us such a long time to get here and a large amount of work has been done but we stil need to reach our total of £300,000 to do the work.”

“We are looking at ways to make up the money in co-operation with West Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council as well as with help from the local community.”

Coun Underwood-Frost added: “This is a very large amount of money when everyone else is tightening their belts.”