Scotter celebrating 800 years since King John came to visit

An embroidered panel has been made by Scotter art and textile group to mark the 800th anniversary of King John's visit to the village
An embroidered panel has been made by Scotter art and textile group to mark the 800th anniversary of King John's visit to the village

A royal visit is being celebrated in Scotter next month.

King John visited Scotter in 1216 and 800 years later, to mark the occasion, the art and textile groups in Scotter Village have combined forces to create an embroidered, wall panel.

The panel will be unveiled at a special medieval musical evening to be held at the Sun & Anchor in Scotter, being led by a costumed medieval band - de Mowbray’s Musicke.

They play medieval music on a wide range of period instruments and will keep to King John’s era for this special event.

Based mainly in north Lincolnshire they are in demand all over the UK, performing at English heritage sites and other historic places.

Dances, songs and stories are all anticipated.

The Sun and Anchor (probably one of the oldest Inns in Britain).has been chosen to host this event because of the local stories about its heritage.

Legend has it that the officers accompanying the King, stayed at the local village inn.

When they left the landlord is said to have asked one officer if his coat of arms could be used to name the pub, which is why the Sun & Anchor has its almost unique name.

Much historical research has been done and one likely family name has been found – Fucaud de Launay.

Their family heraldic shield is quite plain with just a sun, anchor and silver band and there were French troops fighting for the King.

So a Fucaud de Laurnay family member could well fit the bill.

However, researchers have been unable to trace the family back before the 1500s and no trace can be found of an officer of that name in King John’s records.

Someone is now needed to take on the challenge of further research.

The musical evening is on Thursday, September 22 at 7.30pm.

Entry is by ticket only and tickets are £5 from the Sun & Anchor.

Medieval-style dress is optional and refreshments will be available on the night.

As well as the musical evening at the Sun & Anchor, King John’s visit will also be celebrated at the annual Scotter arts and crafts festival, which this year has been moved from its usual April slot to September to coincide with the anniversary dates.

Taking place over the weekend September 24 and 25, the theme of the festival this year is Scotter Past and Present.

The embroidered wall panel will be on display together with the outcomes of all the historical research which has been undertaken.

There will be paintings and textile works within the theme and a supporting exhibition of old photographs of the village.

Members of the art and textile groups will also be showing a selection of works completed over the past year, some of which will be for sale.

Other participatory attractions will also be a feature of the weekend,

The event is at Scotter Methodist Hall from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, September 24 and 1pm to 4pm on Sunday, September 25.

Entry is free on both days.