SAFETY WARNING: Children warned to keep out of dangerous derelict buildings in Worksop

Disused buildings in Worksop. The old fireplace factory on Clarence Road.
Disused buildings in Worksop. The old fireplace factory on Clarence Road.

Police have urged Worksop youngsters to keep out of “dangerous” derelict buildings in the town amid fears someone could be seriously injured or even killed.

The force said it had dealt with a number of incidents recently where children had been breaking into disused buildings and had to be removed by officers for their safety.

These buildings include an abandoned pub on Kilton Hill, formerly the Horseshoe Inn, where a teenager managed to get onto the roof and had to be brought down by firefighters.

The once bustling pub has been closed for a number of years and has since become a hotspot for antisocial behaviour- with litter strewn outside the building and reports of vandals trespassing inside and causing criminal damage.

A building known as the old fireplace factory on Clarence Road, which has been empty for years, poses further dangers to children attempting to sneak inside.

Calls for the the building to be demolished have been ongoing since 2015 due to the building repeatedly catching fire.

In the past month, fires have occured at both The Horseshoe Inn and the former fireplace factory- and a spokesman for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue said officers believed the fires had been started deliberately.

“There is also no way of no knowing, particularly for a child, how quickly a fire can spread and what materials are present which could ignite and cause the fire to spread more rapidly, a spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said:

“Fires that have been started deliberately can only exacerbate that risk by causing further structural damage.”