REVEALED: What you said when we asked if it’s too early to put the tree up...

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So while it’s not quite December yet, today does mark the four week countdown until the big day.

This weekend we asked you; Is it too soon to put the Christmas decorations up? and the results might surprise you.

A huge 83 per cent of you said it was, with only 17 per cent saying they thought the time was right.

Susan Leivers commented on Facebook: “I personally won’t because I get sick of looking at it all for six weeks..but each to their own.”

While Jonny Walker added: “There’s enough problems in the world. Putting your tree up in the last week in November isn’t one of them. Who cares? Do what makes you happy. Were the Christmas lights in town turned on too early also?”

Alex Mac said: “If you want to put your tree up then put it up. If you dont want to then dont. Why does everyone have to moan about everything?”

We still want to know what you think so don’t forget to comment and share your decoration pictures to us - that’s if they’re up of course.