Retford: Woman dodges pet destruction order after traumatic dog attack

In Court
In Court

A 49-year-old woman dodged a pet destruction order after a dog she was taking out for a walk almost mauled a neighbour’s much loved pet chihuahua to death.

Pamela Gray, 49, of Welham Grove, Retford, pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog causing injury in a private place at Worksop Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 4th September.

The court heard how Gray had offered to take her brother-in-law’s dog, a labrador-husky cross, for a walk as he was recovering from an injury and was on crutches.

At the same time, Gray’s neighbour had left the house to walk her pet chihuahua.

She was horrified when Gray lost control of the dog in her front garden, which ran over and grabbed the chihuahua in its jaws.

Gray’s brother-in-law came over and tried to prise open the dog’s jaws, but it was another neighbour who finally managed to free the chihuahua after he heard its owner’s screams.

Donna Facwcett, prosecuting, said: “There was blood everywhere. The chihuahua suffered puncture wounds to its shoulders and neck and was in severe shock. The vet didn’t think the dog would make it through the night.”

“The chihuahua is now making a slow recovery, but it suffers psychologically.”

“Both the dog and its owner are traumatised by what happened,” she added.

In a witness statement read aloud to the court, the chihuahua’s owner revealed how she thought her beloved pet had been ‘ripped apart’ and that she had suffered ‘horrific’ nightmares since the attack.

Defence solicitor Ian Pridham said: “This was completely accidental and unfortunate.”

“The dog was being boisterous and the defendant fell against a lamp post, which caused her to drop the lead in shock.”

“She and her brother-in-law, who owns the dog, are extremely remorseful about what happened.”

Gray was given a 12 month conditional discharge.

Magistrates did not impose a pet destruction order but said the dog must be kept on a lead and muzzle at all times when outside the house.

The dog’s owner must also complete a training programme to keep the dog under control.

Gray was also ordered to pay £652 compensation to the owner of the chihuahua which will go towards veterinary costs.