Retford: Pensioner’s dog will not be destroyed after attack on neighbours and their dog

Worksop Magistrates court
Worksop Magistrates court

A pensioner has been given a community order after his dog attacked and injured his neighbours and their dog.

Melvin Bostock, 68, was charged with owning and failing to control the animal under the Dangerous Dogs Act and pleaded guilty at Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

However, the court decided Mr Bostock’s dog, Bosun, should not be destroyed as a result of the incident.

The court heard that Bosun escaped from Mr Bostock’s garden and ran to the property owned by Ray and Betty Leesley.

There, it attacked the Leesley’s dog Tim and bit its ear.

When the Leesley’s dog ran inside, Mr Bostock’s dog followed and attacked it again.

Mr and Mrs Leesley tried to fend off the attacking dog but both were bitten, Mr Leelsey on the arm and Mrs Leesley in the leg.

Eventually three men and Mr Bostock came to help and pulled Bosun away.

Prosecuting, Mrs Ruth Snowdin said: “The attack has left the Leesleys shaken and their dog has completely changed and he is now more scared and nervous.”

“Mr Leesley says there have been ongoing problems. His arm has healed but his wife is in constant pain because the wounds to her leg have swelled up so much.”

“It means they are unable to enjoy their hobbies of walking and dancing and Mr Leelsey is not sleeping well at night because he is worried about his wife and her injuries, which will take a long time to heal.”

Defending, Mr Bostock’s barrister Mrs Patrica Londano said: “Bosun has been a great companion to Mr Bostock since he retired.”

“It appears that while Mr Bostock was on holiday, the hedgerows along the street were trimmed and, inadvertently, some rope holding together Mr Bostock’s fence was cut and that allowed his dog to escape.”

District Judge Diane Baker said: “Bosun is no more a threat to the public than any other dog but he clearly has problems with some other dogs.”

Mr Bostock was given a communty order to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay £465 compensation and £200 costs.

He was also ordered to ensure his garden was made fully secure within eight weeks, have his dog neutered and ensure it was kept tied up when in the garden and wore a muzzle at all times when it was out with him.