RESULTS: Labour maintains grip on Worksop after losing control of Nottinghamshire County Council

Alan Rhodes was re-elected for Worksop North.
Alan Rhodes was re-elected for Worksop North.

Labour held onto power of its four Worksop wards in the local elections today after the Conservatives managed to seize three seats from elsewhere in the district.

The party maintained its grip on the town with Alan Rhodes, Kevin Greaves, Glynn Gilfoyle and Sybil Fielding re-elected for Worksop North, South, East and West respectively.

Conservative Tracey Taylor seized the Misterton seat at the count today.

Conservative Tracey Taylor seized the Misterton seat at the count today.

Alan Rhodes, who won back his seat with 2,000 votes, said was “very grateful” but “saddened” after Labour lost full control of Nottinghamshire County Council.

The Conservatives are now the biggest group at the authority, securing 31 seats- but failed to win an overall majority.

In Bassetlaw, the Conservatives saw particular victory in Retford where the town’s East and West seats were snatched from the Independents and Labour by Steve Vickers and Mike Quigley.

Steve Vickers, who won by 37 votes, said he was “stunned” at the gain and was looking forward to making sure Retford “finally gets what it deserves”.

Kevin Greaves, Labour, was re-elected for Worksop South.

Kevin Greaves, Labour, was re-elected for Worksop South.

The overall turnout for Nottinghamshire is confirmed as 35.2 per cent.

A full list of the results for Bassetlaw:

Blyth and Harworth: LABOUR HOLD

Cowan, Alex Jordan (Liberal Democrats) - 224

Bassetlaw Count.

Bassetlaw Count.

Gray, Adam Michael (Conservative Party) - 444

Hudson, John Andrew (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 289

Place, Sheila Janice (Labour Party) - 1,529 - Elected


Brand, Hazel (Independent) - 1,125

Hunter, Mark Peter (Liberal Democrats) - 293

Taylor, Dave (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 251

Taylor, Tracey Lee (Conservative Party) - 1,994 - Elected


Skelding, Pam (Labour Party) - 1,291

Vickers, Steve (Conservative Party) - 1,328 - Elected

Wade, Jon (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 190

Ware, Stephen John (Liberal Democrats) - 152


Coggles, Jennifer Anne (Liberal Democrats) - 272

Pulk, Darrell Eduard (Labour Party) - 1,357

Quigley, Mike (Conservative Party) - 1,411 - Elected


Clayton, Tony (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 176

Duveen, Mat (Liberal Democrats) - 159

Gallucci, Frederick (Labour Party) - 544

Ogle, John (Conservative Party) - 2,245 - Elected

Worksop East: LABOUR HOLD

Airey, Andrew (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 277

Gilfoyle, Glynn (Labour Party) - 1,855 - Elected

Gray, Michael Tom (Conservative Party) - 372

Savage, Connor Lewis (Liberal Democrats) - 105

Worksop North: LABOUR HOLD

Barnes, Richard (Conservative Party) - 933

Davies, Adam (Liberal Democrats) - 110

Rhodes, Alan (Labour Party) - 2,000 - Elected

Vernon, Roger Martin (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 263

Worksop South: LABOUR HOLD

Auckland, Emma Jane (Conservative Party) - 1,100

Barker, Christopher Paul (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 242

Duveen, Leon Maurice (Liberal Democrats) - 147

Greaves, Kevin Maurizio (Labour Party) - 1,801 - Elected

Worksop West: LABOUR HOLD

Briggs, Rachel Elizabeth (United Kingdom Independence Party) - 748

Fielding, Sybil Jacqueline (Labour Party) - 1,700 - Elected

Russell, Simon Andrew (Liberal Democrats) - 296


Bardill, Glenn John Alexander (Conservative Party) - 1,484

Cooke, Christopher (Liberal Democrat) - 126

Pringle, Mike (Labour Party) - 1,940 - Elected