Reflecting and looking forward to 2013

Coun Burt Keimach
Coun Burt Keimach

As we near the end of the year, it is for many a time for reflection.

Taking a look at what West Lindsey has accomplished for Gainsborough and the whole district, there is a feeling of forward momentum in spite of the slow economic recovery and the misfortunes of other countries in Europe.

We are by no means insulated from those problems, but at least in our own backyard we will soon see some huge visual and economic improvements.

On 7th January we’ll be starting a 14 week £500,000 project to improve the appearance of Gainsborough town centre and enhance the pedestrian link between the Market Place and Marshall’s Yard.

This is the second phase of a £3 million Public Realm Improvement Scheme that began in 2010 when Market Place, Silver Street and Lord Street were all refurbished. The scheme should play an important role in making the town an attractive destination for shoppers, visitors and businesses, as it will create a more enjoyable, and I am convinced, a more profitable environment.

Helping in our goal of making a thriving town centre will be the new KFC restaurant, whose application was recently approved by our planning committee. To be built on the site of the old Magistrates’ Court, we expect the company will provide jobs for up to 40 people.

In another vital area we’ve just won a national award for our waste services for best performance for refuse collection nationally. This follows being awarded five stars in the 2012 Clean Britain Awards in September - so it’s been a good year for our operational services team.

At our council meeting on Monday night we gave out our first Community Awards, recognising the good work our residents do. It was extremely satisfying for all of us to be able to show our appreciation to those who have shown such a high level of dedication.

Finally let me remind you that we are still doing our bit to get young people started in the world of work through our Apprenticeships Work 4 You campaign.

We’ve definitely raised awareness of apprenticeships across the district. A number of employers have expressed interest and are looking at finding out more. So we’re confident more employers will see the benefits and help us realise our goal of creating 50 apprenticeships across the district.

Coun Burt Keimach

Leader of West Lindsey District Council