Receptionist made to sack team of loyal staff at “ruined” Charnwood Hotel over the phone

The Charnwood Hotel in Blyth
The Charnwood Hotel in Blyth

Long-serving staff who lost their jobs at a renowned Blyth hotel have spoken of their heartbreak at watching their upstanding workplace “fall into ruin”.

Workers at The Charnwood Hotel, some of whom have worked at the establishment for as long as 26 years, told the Guardian they had recently lost their jobs after their employer ordered the receptionist to “sack them over the phone” without warning.

The staff were told they were no longer required to work at The Charnwood as the company which owned the hotel, Miracle Adam Hotels Ltd, had gone into voluntary liquidation.

Diane Right, the hotel’s former housekeeper who had dedicated more than 19 years of service, said she had been left “frightened for her future” and looking into employment benefit after receiving no redundancy pay.

Diane, aged 54, said: “When I got the call, I felt like I had the rug pulled from underneath me.

“The Charnwood was once a brilliant and respectable place to work where employees were treated fairly.

“To see it go downhill and to be immediately dismissed in this way has been heartbreaking.”

The owner of the hotel, Dr Mumtaz Adam, confirmed his company ceased trading this month and that staff were “immediately informed” by telephone.

“We took professional advice and acted on it,” he added.

Sarah Biggin, who worked at the hotel for 14 years before she was dismissed, said she was “fuming” that the hotel, which was once well-known in the area for its quality, had become an “embarrassment” to work in.

Nicola Ross, who has previously worked at the hotel, said: “This has ruined lives.

“We knew for quite a long time that the hotel was going down hill and was going to close.

“It’s such a shame, because back in the day The Charnwood was the place where everybody wanted to be. The previous owners would be devastated if they could see what’s happened.”

Customers leaving reviews for the Charnwood on TripAdvisor claimed the building was “dark, freezing and dirty” with no electricity in some of the rooms.

One customer wrote: “This is not the lovely hotel we remember from years ago.”