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Ingram Arms, Laughton. G101008-3
Ingram Arms, Laughton. G101008-3

HARD financial times have made all of us stretch those pounds and found more and more of us at a loss when there’s too much month at the end of the money.

When you treat yourself to a meal out then, you at least want to see your hard earned money represented in the quality and the quantity of you find on your plate.

Thankfully, I found a pub that does just that – and then some. Hidden down the long, winding and never-ending roads of the glorious Lincolnshire countryside, just past Blyton is the Ingram Arms in Laughton. This is a true British pub just as it should be – steeped in so much tradition that the walls breathe an air of homeliness.

It feels like a family has welcomed you into their front room.

Monday afternoons in a country pub are usually sleepy and dull affairs, but the Ingram Arms was packed out with happy and chatty diners, and it’s clear to see why.

Settling down amid the warming buzz of a pub-full of broad Lincolnshire accents, I eyed my way through the lunchtime menu.

Diners around me were happily tucking into generous and mouth-watering portions of steak pie, scampi and chicken curry but I thought I’d give the pub what I call ‘the steak test.’

There are three simple parts to the steak test: how well is it cooked, how much is it served with and how much does it cost?

From the off, service at the Ingram Arms was flawless. The barman was welcoming, chatty and friendly and the waitresses were polite and attentive, which only made it even more pleasant when my main course arrived in a flash.

Now, to the steak test. My 8 oz steak was thick, juicy and cooked to medium rare to absolute perfection.

Not only that, but it came with mushrooms, onion rings, vegetables, salad and chips.

I was staggered at the sight of my plate overflowing with real, wholesome and piping hot food and I got all of that for just (brace yourself) £7.95.

I know, pretty incredible eh?

As I dived into my succulent and heavenly steak and tried, but failed, to battle through a mountain of thick cut warrior chips, I not only felt full, but so did my wallet.

What they do at the Ingram Arms is a true credit to the community: no thrills, no fuss, just brilliant, delicious and belly-busting food served by honest and friendly staff and down to earth and unbeatable prices.

By Andrew Trendell

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