Reader’s Letter: How safe are we?

Welcome to Gainsborough sign, Lea Road.
Welcome to Gainsborough sign, Lea Road.

A recent letter to the Standard noting the recent serious incidents in the town asked the question Is Gainsborough becoming more lawless?

It is something that concerned me as well given that the majority of them occurred in the area I represent on the County Council.

One reason I asked to be a member of the Police and Crime panel for Lincolnshire was to question senior police officers and the Police and Crime Commissioner on issues such as these. Having requested an update, Assistant Chief Constable Lee Freeman quickly furnished the following information. In relation to the murder on Etherington Street, three people are currently awaiting trial in relation to this and the latest court date is scheduled for 21/07/14. Turning to the stabbing incidents, he was able to confirm that the people involved were well known to each other and police investigations are progressing. I am aware that serious violent crime of this type referred to remains rare across West Lindsey, the incidents in Gainsborough just happened to occur in a particularly short time frame. I also met with the sector Inspector Simon Outen on Monday to discuss this and other policing issues in our area and he concurs with what has been said. The most important question for the letter writer and me is that as a member of the public walking the streets of Gainsborough, how safe are we? Given what I have been told and the police reassurances it is highly unlikely that we will become victims of random acts of violence.

Pat O’Connor

County Councillor

Gainsborough Trent