Reader letter: Use our island to make the most of wind power

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With regards to David Cameron’s tirade specifically against wind farms in Lincolnshire on BBC’s Look North programme on 8th October.

This did nothing to convince me that he was at last keeping his promise made in 2010 that he would head the greenest Government ever.

The petulance he displayed on the programme, as well as his Government’s decision to buy a series of nuclear power plants from the French, funded by money borrowed from China and the money offered to sweeten the downside of shale gas production in the county, suggests he is taking his government in the opposite direction.

Perhaps his comments had more to do with UKIP’s success in the Euro elections than any rational thoughts on energy policy.

UKIP’s MEP Margot Parker in Lincolnshire made known her views about wind farms in August 2010. She thinks they are useless, look ghastly, they don’t work and will assist any group opposed to them.

On the other hand Germany manages to make them work well enough to produce and sometimes exceed 50% of its energy needs.

As an island nation the UK has far more opportunities for using wind to generate energy than countries of mainland Europe but only if we have a rational approach to energy policy.

I believe the Conservatives and UKIP will, if they have their way, commit consumers to the use of fossil fuels or uranium bought at an ever increasing price from a global energy market for the next 30 to 40 years instead of minimising the their use by maximising the inexhaustible supply of wind which has always been free and doesn’t produce a waste product.

Norman Haigh

Lincoln Green Party