READER LETTER: Town trade - It’s time to right a wrong

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For too long Gainsborough town centre traders have suffered a trading inequality. Now is the time to right that wrong. Since Gainsborough market place was pedestrianised the traders have been operating at a disadvantage to those traders within Marshall’s Yard.

Do not misunderstand my comments.

Marshall’s Yard has been a wonderful success for Gainsborough, it was right to build it thanks to Dransfield Properties and West Lindsey District Council. It is so convenient for drivers to pull into Marshall’s Yard collect their goods and be on their way. Not so for the market place.

I recently spoke to businesses around the Market Square, Silver street, Lord Street, Church Street and Market Street asking the question do you think it would help your business if car parking was allowed in the Market Square?

One hundred per cent of those asked the question replied yes!

Twelve months ago I was told it would cost £1 million to bring back parking in the market place, I don’t think so! What could be achieved with minimal expense are metal posts inserted around the outside of the market place segregating pedestrians and parking, as in Marshall’s Yard. Silver Street, Market Street and Lord Street should be pedestrianised.

From the market place to the first crossroads on Church Street could become two way traffic to allow access into the market place.

This section of Church Street plus the Market Square could become a shared space.

This is where pedestrians and motorists share the space obviously restricting motor-vehicles to a low speed, perhaps 10 mph.

This is becoming a more common concept in towns and cities across the UK.

By introducing parking back in the market place it would instantly give us the opportunity to provide disabled parking and spaces for people to unload wheelchairs again creating equity for all.

Now the demolition of Beaumont Street car park is underway, work which will go on for many months.

It is the perfect time to introduce an improved parking option for visitors to the town centre market place.

Lincolnshire County Council possess powers to introduce temporary parking orders for such situations, I have posed the question and await a reply.

If you consider my views sensible please write with your support to the Head of Operations, WLDC. The Guildhall. Marshalls Yard. Gainsborough. DN21 2NA. Or email Jeff Summers, Leader of West Lindsey District Council at:

Councillor Jeff Summers

Leader of WLDC

By email