READER LETTER: Town centre - Bursting with character

Gainsborough Market Place G110830-7b
Gainsborough Market Place G110830-7b

I was astounded by Gainsborough mayor, Councillor Matthew Boles’s perception of the town centre as “uninviting, soulless and horrible”.

This historic space is bursting with character.

Admittedly, there are empty shops, but that is part of a national issue and not peculiar to Gainsborough.

I moved to Gainsborough with my husband just more than two months ago.

But we had been shopping there for more than a year while our house was on the market.

We found both the town centre and Marshall’s Yard vibrant and exciting places to shop. There is an energy in the town seldom found anywhere else and the overall shopping experience is vastly better than in places like Grimsby or Lincoln.

I can only assume Coun Boles last visited the town centre on a dull day, when nowhere looks particularly inviting.

When the sun is out, it’s a different matter altogether.

I urge him to go there again on a sunny day when the shoppers are out and about.

He will find plenty of positive things to build on.

Mary Cook

By email