READER LETTER: Thoughts on dog fouling - This poem is called Work Of Art

dog poo bin
dog poo bin

Dog fouling is a problem

Of that there is no doubt

As is finding a solution

To deter its spread about

The council (WLDC) has come up with one

Spray paint it on the spot

Then just leave it, day in, day out

Why not just remove it job lot?

It does not solve the problem

Or diminish risk to health

Or the chance of stepping in it

And spreading it about

We don’t need pavement Picassos

They will do more harm than good

Just a man with a brush and shovel

To nip it in the bud

No offence to the council

But it really makes no sense

To paint over the problem

And commit it to past tense

Neither does it serve a purpose

Other than to spread disease

Ringworm and toxicaria to cats, dogs and human beings

Invest instead in disinfectant, sweeping brushes, shovels too

Don’t compound, remove the problem, our streets need less, not more, dog loos

The claim that’s being promoted is spray painting faeces works

It does, for the paint manufacturers, ‘thanks’ to an idea conceived by berks.

Jim Whelan