READER LETTER: School reunion - Roll back the years at event

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I am organising a school reunion for my year.

I am looking for past students of QEHS Gainsborough, born between September 1967 and August 1968 - they will be 47/48 now. Our year was the first year to amalgamate before Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School and Gainsborough High School became Queen Elizabeth’s High School, so that our O-Level studies weren’t disturbed. People will have left in 1984 or 1986.

It’s an interesting reunion because of this, and also because of the fact that David Allsop, the current headteacher, was in our year (although he moved away in the second year). This year marks 30 years since those that stayed for A levels left.

The reunion is taking place on June 18 in the Upper School Hall, with a tour of the girls’ old school house beforehand. There will be an 80s DJ and bar, and tickets are £10 each.

I’d like people to contact me on ASAP to let me know whether they can attend or not.

Sallie Clack

By email