READER LETTER: Marshall’s Yard - I will fight car park charge

STOCK: Parking ticket machine.
STOCK: Parking ticket machine.

On the 11th of June this year I visited Marshall’s Yard car park to use the shops on Marshall’s Yard like I regularly do.

I noticed they had new car parking machines fitted. I purchased my car parking ticket and displayed it to the best of my ability and displayed it in my vehicle.

Imagine my suprise to receive a parking charge notice from Marshall’s Yard car parking partners Smart Parking on 3rd July.

These new machines require you to enter your exact registration number, however they do not tell you that if you get one digit wrong you will be hounded like a criminal and pursued for a £60 parking charge.

The notice shows a picture of my vehicle entering Marshall’s Yard and a further picture of my car leaving Marshall’s Yard, the exiting picture clearly shows a ticket still displayed below the windscreen.

I still have vision good enough to drive without glasses, however reading wise I cannot read very much at all without wearing glasses.

On my visit to Marshall’s Yard I did not have nor expected to need my reading glasses. I appealed via Smart’s website immediately, this appeal dismissed out of hand, I was told I would need to produce my ticket from 11th June.It would appear that Marshall’s Yard has changed its carparking policy and gone into partnership with a car parking company.

Get one digit wrong and you are in for a legal battle or you quietly pay £60 and move on.

I will certainly fight this through the courts but not everyone will be able to do this.

After many years of using Marshall’s Yard I now will have to take my custom elsewhere as I cannot afford to take a chance on getting one digit wrong in the car park and paying £60 for the privilege, so thanks to Marshall’s Yard for this treatment of a loyal customer.

I have posted about this on social media and it has now been shared dozens of times and it would appear others have been affected by this car parking charge although being in receipt of a valid ticket that may have one or two digits wrong.