READER LETTER: Lunch tradition was well supported

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I have pleasure in informing you and your readers that the now traditional free Christmas day lunch was held at Gainsborough House on Christmas day.

The lunch meant that people who would otherwise have spent Christmas Day on their own could celebrate Christmas with a sumptuous meal in the company of others - they certainly did enjoy themselves.

Councillor Kenneth Woolley, Mayor of Gainsborough, and his consort were guests of honour at this now local tradition and joined in with the festivities.

The event, was possible due to the generosity of numerous local individuals and organisations, who donated money to cover costs, provided goods for the event or provided gifts for the guests, allowing the event to be provided free of charge.

Special appreciation goes to the volunteers who gave up their time to help in the kitchen; to transfer guests to and from the venue; to play carols on the piano and, along with the guests of honour, to make and serve tea and coffee, chat with the guests, serve meals, wash and clean up and generally help ensure that the guests enjoyed a truly festive Christmas Day to remember. The meal itself was cooked by Gill and Zena and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks also go to the staff at Gainsborough House for there support and assistance.

And finally thanks go to the Gainsborough Christmas Day Lunch committee for making this all possible. Without them this 44-year-old tradition would come to an end.

I am looking for volunteers to join the committee to ensure continuation of this tradition into the future. Any willing volunteers can contact me on 01427 616852.

Michael Wragg MBE

By email