READER LETTER: Can you help find my mother?

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I am wondering if you could help me.

I left Gainsborough in 1995 with my two small children. My mother Hilda Smith, remained in the town, she used to live at 51 Riseholme Road, Gainsborough, although it appears she has moved from the area some years ago.

The last time I had contact with my mother via telephone was in 1999 when I lived in Upper State New York, so it’s been 17 years.

Since then I have lived in many places, but have yet to return to the UK.

I would like to regain contact with my mother should she still be alive.

My mother knew I had changed my name due to fleeing domestic violence, but my birth name was Claire Smith. I was born 20/11/1972, went to Middlefield Lane Comprehensive School, my brother was Carl Smith, our father Victor Smith (used to be a foreman at Gainsborough Pork and Bacon) who I believe moved to Lincoln back in the mid to late 80’s. My mothers partner was Michael Ingall also from Gainsborough at the last time of contact.

I was informed some years ago that my brother had passed away, although I have never had confirmation.

I have searched online many times for my mother, father and brother, only to no avail. As I have been living in the USA, Canada, South America, Ireland, Africa due to work committments, I haven’t been able to physically search.

Is there any way you could help?

I would be sincerely grateful.

With thanks.

Claire Smith

By email