READER LETTER: Ageing - Growing old gracefully

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I fully agree with the letter sent in by A. Warner (September 1 - Get Down to the Chippy Instead), about anti-ageing lotions and potions, and I would like to add some more things.

On this planet Earth that we live on, we are mortal and have to die one day and when that day comes, we have to go whether we want to or not.

The age that you really are is how long you’ve lived on this Earth.

Some of the elderly people have told me that they don’t have birthdays any more because having birthdays makes them get another year older. But quitting to observe or celebrate your birthday for the rest of your life still won’t stop you ageing. Also lying about your age won’t stop you ageing.

Why don’t these people, and the people that A. Warner is referring to be realistic rather than follow these sorts of beliefs that are nonsense?

Dick Appleyard

Lingfield Close, Saxilby