Pupils meet the Gritalo gritter

Pupils at a primary school in East Markham found out first-hand this week how Notts County Council salts the roads during the winter months.

East Markham Primary School was one of four schools across the county, closest to the council’s main highways depots, who were asked to suggest a name for one of the council’s five new gritting vehicles which it took delivery of before Christmas.

And the school’s suggestion – The Gritalo – earned the pupils who came up with the name a visit by the new gritter and the chance to find out a bit more about how the county’s highways teams work.

Highways service director Andy Warrington said: “We thought that asking schools near our depots to get involved with naming one of their local gritters would be a bit of fun.”

He added: “I think that The Gritalo is absolutely brilliant. Well done East Markham!”